Creativity in counselling

20130701_214438Therapeutic writing is a creative and illuminating process that encourages an individual to use writing as a primary vehicle for self-growth and understanding. Journals, letters, fictional stories and poetry are different approaches that can be used to achieve insight.

Person-Centred use of Art therapy (drawing, painting, collages, clay and fabric) is another way to explore your emotions when you cannot find the words to describe your thoughts and feelings. This medium can help you unlock the issues and make sense of your world.

Creative expression may allow you to tap into unconscious and intuitive information to provide important self-awareness and direction for personal change. Writing your life story is an especially powerful process for some people.

In the same way that a camera can be adjusted to change the image that is captured, we can have varied perspectives on events in our lives. By shifting our view, we can change our understanding and emotional experience of those events. Individuals seeking a better knowledge of themselves can find new meaning and transformation through creative arts.

Therapeutic artworks or writing are often done in conjunction with conventional talking therapy and many clients report that incorporating writing, art or another creative element into their counselling is both enjoyable and helpful.